Miniature Timewarp

Last week saw the [calendar] arrival of Spring and today we lost an hour as BST kicked in. According to reports however, it’s the coldest Easter since records began. It’s such a shame as the day started off clear and sunny yet by mid morning the cold had set in and the clouds turned grey. Even though we only gain or lose an hour when the clocks change, it always feel like more to me. Going forward in time affects me more than backwards so travelling home from a visit to the US has me in quite a mess. 

It’s almost 2100hrs, 2000hrs body-wise but it feels an hour more than this. Why? I simply do not know. 

P.S. I changed the theme for my blog as the font on the Love Birds theme was somewhat warped. 

P.P.S. In future, I will blog using the app only. Safari is not agreeing with this site.