FTV has a new home (sort of)

Long story short: my deal with GoDaddy was up for renewal and they were asking too much for both the domain name and to host so one had to go. I’ve found my old account here on WordPress which I will work on updating as best as I can with the free formatting. I’m disappointed that I cannot access my old photos and content in general but, such is life.

To new beginnings.


Relearning to Write

Since I started this blog, posts only seem to come en masse or at intervals explaining absences. Today’s is the latter. The past few months haven’t been the happiest. I’ve lost people and animals to both distance and the stars. Trying to stay stable emotionally while keeping the happy facade to others has been quite the difficulty and numerous times I have crumbled in private. But, such is life and is all chalked up to experience, I guess.

The purse strings were tied dramatically this Spring (it’s only officially been Summer for a couple of weeks) since booking a break to Paris to stay at Disneyland. Not having had a Disney fix for a number of years and it coinciding with my birthday meant I was going to splurge. The haul will follow at some point!

I’ve been working on a couple of zines, one of which is cat related. Nothing intense. It’s something I started to put together during May and obviously went on hold since. I aim to have both that and my perzine out by Autumn. My journaling has suffered immensely and I hate that I’ve left my books to the side.

Because I’m quite the List Person, here is a small list of happy things from the past few months:

To watch: Parks and Recreation, 30 Rock, Eureka. Having Netflix from the US was one of the best changes this year. I’d like my own Pawnee Ben, please. Nashville was very enjoyable too
To hear: the Beach Boys and OMD.
To read: It’s still taking me a while to finish the books. Doesn’t help when I start new ones

New Year can wait; Autumn resolutions are on the horizon.


Some of my earlier posts have vanished from my blog and I do not know why. The notifications of comments left and those I have replied to remain in my dashboard but all the links are dead. Blogs, people, feelings ~ they disappear with no real reason. You could spend hours trying to understand why but this won’t do you a lot of good. Acknowledge the absence and move on. Beating yourself up is counter productive and can only make the situation worse.

I was having a fairly good day until three hours ago when I chipped the inside of one of my lower teeth. Weak teeth run in my family and it was only a matter of time before I needed an unscheduled visit to the dentist. Funny how this can completely change your outlook on the evening and essentially ruin your day, pushing away the quite pleasant previous hours. Trying not to dwell on things, I used my Self Therapy pad by KnockKnock which did help momentarily but once the form was complete, folded and in a drawer, I was left wondering, “Now what? Ah yes, spending the remainder of the evening feeling the cracked tooth and feeling completely pathetic.”

Don’t beat yourself up! Things happen. Teeth break, dentists fix them and you claim the money back with the employee healthcare thing you signed up for last year; the one where you pocketed the logo-emblazoned pens from the meeting for the sole reason being that they were made of pink plastic. This will all blow over in a week, or maybe two, depending on how quickly you can get an appointment.

Mountain. Molehill. If I didn’t already have an alternate middle name to change with the Deed Poll documents sitting in their envelope, those would be what I’d make the change to.

In other news, one of the two beauty subscription boxes arrived yesterday so I shall be working on a little review/pictorial post soon.

In second other news, last week I got my ink on, scribbling away on myriad Post Its at work for zine pieces. I miss writing zines. Even more so, I miss the whole glue, copy, cut and staple part. It’s incredibly satisfying having a mound of paper which you then fold and have produced a piece of work. Aiming for an .5 issue number too. .5 rather than 1/2.

Miniature Timewarp

Last week saw the [calendar] arrival of Spring and today we lost an hour as BST kicked in. According to reports however, it’s the coldest Easter since records began. It’s such a shame as the day started off clear and sunny yet by mid morning the cold had set in and the clouds turned grey. Even though we only gain or lose an hour when the clocks change, it always feel like more to me. Going forward in time affects me more than backwards so travelling home from a visit to the US has me in quite a mess. 

It’s almost 2100hrs, 2000hrs body-wise but it feels an hour more than this. Why? I simply do not know. 

P.S. I changed the theme for my blog as the font on the Love Birds theme was somewhat warped. 

P.P.S. In future, I will blog using the app only. Safari is not agreeing with this site.