Relearning to Write

Since I started this blog, posts only seem to come en masse or at intervals explaining absences. Today’s is the latter. The past few months haven’t been the happiest. I’ve lost people and animals to both distance and the stars. Trying to stay stable emotionally while keeping the happy facade to others has been quite the difficulty and numerous times I have crumbled in private. But, such is life and is all chalked up to experience, I guess.

The purse strings were tied dramatically this Spring (it’s only officially been Summer for a couple of weeks) since booking a break to Paris to stay at Disneyland. Not having had a Disney fix for a number of years and it coinciding with my birthday meant I was going to splurge. The haul will follow at some point!

I’ve been working on a couple of zines, one of which is cat related. Nothing intense. It’s something I started to put together during May and obviously went on hold since. I aim to have both that and my perzine out by Autumn. My journaling has suffered immensely and I hate that I’ve left my books to the side.

Because I’m quite the List Person, here is a small list of happy things from the past few months:

To watch: Parks and Recreation, 30 Rock, Eureka. Having Netflix from the US was one of the best changes this year. I’d like my own Pawnee Ben, please. Nashville was very enjoyable too
To hear: the Beach Boys and OMD.
To read: It’s still taking me a while to finish the books. Doesn’t help when I start new ones

New Year can wait; Autumn resolutions are on the horizon.


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