YBF Beauty – Flawless Face Collection

Another one of my beauty buys in recent weeks is the Flawless Face Collection by YBF Beauty. Quick brand background: its founder, Stacey Schefflin, was a Ford model and after retiring from the cameras and catwalks, she created a cosmetics range, Models Prefer. Initially sold in the UK with QVC, Models Prefer changed their ingredients and were rebranded as YBF; Your Best Friend. This also included a small fashion line. From what I had read, there were a few legal issues with QVC in the US which affected her selling with QVC UK. A short while later the YBF beauty line was sold with Ideal World but this was a short lived venture.

DSCF1933 copy

DSCF1934 copy

After a couple of absent years, Stacey returned to QVC UK and also had a TSV which of course, my collection needed. So what did we get in this box of delights?

DSCF1935 copy

Yellow powder and yellow cream. Despite the colouring in the packaging, these do not make your face yellow. They have some magical chemical ability to neutralise the redness in your face. I like the cream for my eyelids and a dusting of the powder once my foundation was on for setting.

DSCF1939 copy

The highlighting cream brings a nice shimmer to the skin and brightens up eyes when added to the corner and also below the eyebrows. For lips we have a trio of lip liner, lipstick and lipgloss. They smell divine! Out of the three, I have used the lipgloss most as it is easiest to apply in the office without needing a mirror and I tend not to use a lip liner in the spring and summer months.

DSCF1937 copy

The main reason for my purchase of this is the automatic eyebrow pencil. This is amazing! I’ve read some reviews from people who have had problems with this creation and I think it’s pure bad luck and a pencil perhaps made on a Friday. Apart from never needing a sharpener with this, it works for everyone’s skin tone and hair colour. I’ve had various shades of hair on the colour spectrum and this has worked with all of them. It’s all in the pressure so the lightest of blondes, greys to the red and black hair colours, this really does work.

Then of course, if you don’t like this kit, because it’s bought from QVC, you can return it for a refund (minus p&p) within 30 days, even if you’ve used it a couple of times. I love this option but I’m yet to try it with a Lulu Guinness bag (but would I really want to return such a thing?!).

The item number for this is 202953 and at date of posting the price is £35.00


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