Some of my earlier posts have vanished from my blog and I do not know why. The notifications of comments left and those I have replied to remain in my dashboard but all the links are dead. Blogs, people, feelings ~ they disappear with no real reason. You could spend hours trying to understand why but this won’t do you a lot of good. Acknowledge the absence and move on. Beating yourself up is counter productive and can only make the situation worse.

I was having a fairly good day until three hours ago when I chipped the inside of one of my lower teeth. Weak teeth run in my family and it was only a matter of time before I needed an unscheduled visit to the dentist. Funny how this can completely change your outlook on the evening and essentially ruin your day, pushing away the quite pleasant previous hours. Trying not to dwell on things, I used my Self Therapy pad by KnockKnock which did help momentarily but once the form was complete, folded and in a drawer, I was left wondering, “Now what? Ah yes, spending the remainder of the evening feeling the cracked tooth and feeling completely pathetic.”

Don’t beat yourself up! Things happen. Teeth break, dentists fix them and you claim the money back with the employee healthcare thing you signed up for last year; the one where you pocketed the logo-emblazoned pens from the meeting for the sole reason being that they were made of pink plastic. This will all blow over in a week, or maybe two, depending on how quickly you can get an appointment.

Mountain. Molehill. If I didn’t already have an alternate middle name to change with the Deed Poll documents sitting in their envelope, those would be what I’d make the change to.

In other news, one of the two beauty subscription boxes arrived yesterday so I shall be working on a little review/pictorial post soon.

In second other news, last week I got my ink on, scribbling away on myriad Post Its at work for zine pieces. I miss writing zines. Even more so, I miss the whole glue, copy, cut and staple part. It’s incredibly satisfying having a mound of paper which you then fold and have produced a piece of work. Aiming for an .5 issue number too. .5 rather than 1/2.


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